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VALORANT star looks to dominate the Esports Awards with 3 nominated after the first year

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Most players are currently in the esports history a rookie campaign like Evil Geniuses. The best example of this is the fact that a few players have joined a team halfway through the season and became the catalyst that pushes them to a world championship.

The current NA star is looking to add more of a trophy case which already includes the Champions 2023 trophy and the MVP award for the Champions, with a potential third Esports award, as well as Alexis Zen Bernier, as well.

Demon1 was named as the PC player of the Year, the Breakthrough Player of the Year (for the best rookie), and was nominated for Team of the Year by Evil Geniuses. Both He and Zen are the only players in all esports to be nominated in every player category they were eligible for, and Scump was three percent overall in total nominations this year, though the former Call of Duty legends are all in content categories.

The finalists for the PC player of the year award winners were:@G2NiKo#Maru@zywoo@ccncdota2@G2huNter: Kakay@Alfajervl@Demon1__@J1hu1V_chovy Now: https://t.co/Jnjxb680zR pic.twitter.com/lQk9GDS0iQ?

Esports Awards (@esportsawards) September 20, 2023.

Despite the success of Demon1 and the entire EG roster, both fans and the players are looking for a 2024 where the players could go their separate ways. The EG organization is apparently told its players to take a pay cut so that they can return, and reportedly hindered them from entering unrestricted free agency through massive buyouts. It seems unlikely that the entire EG roster will return to play under the org next season. A coach of the year, who was nominated for EG coach of the year, was also nominated.

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If Demon1 manages to perform at the Esports Awards, then it can mean an even higher asking price for other teams to meet only to keep him from EG, or alternatively a higher asking price from anyone looking to sign him.

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