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VALORANT surpasses all of the other performers in the Twitch scene as the most watched FPS in 2022

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For the first time since December 2010 the event was re-evaluated, the competition continued to be globally scalable. However, a different fact proved its success. On Twitch of 2022, VALORANT was the most watched FPS.

According to Stream Charts, the actress from Riot Games has hardly exceeded her share of 1.1 billion total hours watched from the beginning of January until December 18: this is almost double compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a competitive FPS from Valve who stopped at six84 million total hours watched. Despite these results, CS:GO’s most popular figure is the number of people who saw this in the last major.

This last figure confirms the atomic-centered strategy of the global war, that it’s been unveiled ten years since the launch of the ‘Global Offensive’ program. It can conquer new users and keep the old school faithful. VALORANT is certainly the new rival, although it’s not long since its debut. In 2022, the world champions ate two successive events: the IEM Rio in 2022 and the Istanbul International in 2022.

A third place in the Class – Fortnite. , Sung, narrateur, tyre, Zorre, Sung, mummy, utopia, tyrant et yonk, mummies, dreadful, cypresse-mee tasmo, vim.

The VALORANT Challengers in Italy has been confirmed.

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