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Valve may have just confirmed that the CS2 launch date confirmed

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Summer isn’t always summer, but the date millions of Counter-Strike fans have been waiting for may just finally be announced. The release of Counter-Strike 2 and the close of limited test and CS:GO, as we know, is imminent.

Today’s official Counter-Strike account asked a simple question: What’ll you do next Wednesday? Next Tuesday is Sept. 27th, and, may, the official launch of CS2, which will likely be announced on the day of the year 23.

What are you doing next Wednesday?

CS2 (@CounterStrike) Sept 20 2023 (tournament)

The Counter-Strike community believe this is more than just an innocent question. With a wave of replies which express all sorts of emotions, from excitement to a nervous mind, across the world the following will identify a different kind of emotion and the various players, teams and personalities that have been part of the effort. It seems obvious that most CS fans will keep their calendars open on Wednesday, Sept. 27 ahead of what could be a momentous day.

This new date tease comes after Valve promised that CS2 would launch in the summer of last week. Before this statement, the only official word about the CS2s launch was from the original beta announcement. This said that the game would be coming out in summer. Since the original announcement, more players have been making the CS2 ecosystem easier by launching multiple invite waves for the limited test.

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As long as the player base is finally satisfied, the full launch of CS2, like the upcoming Counter-Strike era, should start officially, as many tournament organizers have said, the next era is on the ground for an update to the game. If teams launched next week, they would have approximately 5 months to compete for the first CMA at PGL Copenhagen. Six months before the competition starts.

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