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Valve may tease us with a Counter-Strike 2 public beta launch date next week

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Earlier this year, Valve made the surprising announcement that it is working on it Counter-Strike 2The long-awaited sequel to the multiplayer first-person shooter, and also an upgrade to the current and most popular free-to-play version Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

At the time, Valve invited players of CS: GO Test Counter-Strike 2 Privately, and for the past few months, they have been doing so without much fanfare. Now it looks like the rest of the world will be able to get to know the sequel very soon.

In a very short post on the official Counter-Strike 2 X account (formerly Twitter). On Wednesday, the message was simply: ‘What are you doing next Wednesday?’

It happens to be Wednesday, September 27th, and most people on the Internet believe that this was a big hint that the game would begin some kind of public testing on that day.

Previously, Valve said public testing would begin this summer. If September 27th is indeed the launch date for Counter-Strike 2This means that Valve missed its summer time frame launch by a few short days.

The game itself will be released as a free upgrade for Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveUsing Valve’s internal source engine 2. Any in-game skins owned by players of the current game will automatically transfer to Counter-Strike 2.

Apart from graphical upgrades, the new game will get some tweaks and gameplay changes. One of those changes is that each game will have a total of 24 rounds, up from 30 CS: GO, along with major changes to the game’s player rating system. You can also expect to see many maps get some tweaks and changes as well.

now, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It is the most played game on Steam by a wide margin. It will be interesting to see how all those millions of players react Counter-Strike 2.

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