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Vampire Survivors Legacy of Moonspell expansion adds a ton of new features

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New stage, new music, new Survivors, new weapons and new monsters come to Vampire Survivors on PC and Xbox, thanks to Legacy of the Moonspell expansion.

Until that time it hit the Xbox, we had to say how good it was when it would be for Vampire Survivors. But it became a favourite game of 2022 when it hit the TV market just a few weeks back. The Legacy of the Moonspell expansion will bring out a lot of new features.

Legacy of the Moonspell, available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC by Steam, combines great historical facts with a new generation of games and presents its new features and ideas.

The base game, too, is awesome, and like the review of Vampire Survivors on the Xbox, a game which has a super-shocking gameplay loop, loads of fun to unlock and all the fun in spades. Almost all those five/5 we gave gave only the worst of negativity.

It is the first update for Vampire Survivors and drives us out to eastern lands as a clan has fallen. Here we find that The Moonspell was once vigilant guardians of a sorcerous valley surrounded by mountains, with hordes of yokai and oni overrun. Though treacherous, this hive of spectral activity may clue the location of a vampire. If not, it will be entertaining at least to defeat a thousand of stubborn believers in the process.

Legacy of Moonspell adds into a new stage, plus characters, more monsters and wicked weapons, all together with over hidden secrets and mysteries. And that there are very few things that are possible for a game only originally worth just one piece. Legacy of the Moonspell itself is even cheaper, coming in at $1,99, and throwing out the following in return for all the following in return.

  • Eight new characters! Including:
    • Miang Moonspell The last to ever disciple the Moonspell Clan before that fallen, and perhaps the best one. So, it is self-conscious a shounen protagonist.
    • Menya’s Moonspell One of the few surviving Moonspell elders is in search of god-like powers.
    • Syuuto Moonspell Nominated practitioner of the new moon dark magic, Syuuto is a tyrant anti-matter. Poor personal hygiene may make him permanent inmates.
    • Babi-Onna Returned to be an antidote based on the death and sought revenge on both demons and mortals, her impeccable ability to charm, amuse and dazzle remained intact.
  • One new stage to play.
    • Mt.Moonspell First floor, sprawling map of a different terrain with its own challenges and residents’ monsters!
    • This one stage includes a failed castle, an iced mountain, and a village infested with yokai, and more besides.
  • 13 new weapons, including:
    • When the moon had a spirit of swarms unleashed by the team of the Monserspell Clan, they only came to a full use of the power (or all the people who found it in a chest) for this.
    • Three Seasons Are four orbs enabling the change of seasons, such as death and rebirth, to unleash the power of the new seasons.
    • Summon Night (Supposed Night) A weapon that drips with the darkness of the new moon. Even despite the clans superstitions, the shadows can be against evil.
    • Iryaas Robe A pyongya, laced with a loom of a earth spider silk, imbued with a fragment of vengeful spirit of Babi-Onnas. That is certainly incredible.

You will find that the content of Legacy of Moonspell goes out today for Xbox and PC (via Steam). The base game of Vampire Survivors is in the Xbox Store, too.


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