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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 get the new Developer

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During PAX West 2023, Paradox Interactive revealed that Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 now has a new developer withThe Chinese Room. Upon successful development and ending up the upcoming sequel, the company turned to the Quanto Digital office to help in making matters happen. The company will do a massive gameplay reveal in January 2024 – and it would be the first time the company is going to roll out this year, and the start of the series will be Fall 2024. For now, the company released a new trailer for the game that we have for you below, along with a few quotes from both parties involved in the game. We also have a professional studio reveal video for those who discuss the game’s activities.

Paradox Interactive has the right to sign it.

“Masquerade: The mascarade holds a special place in our hearts. The dark-set setting of the world with intricate narratives made by the modern society perfectly suits our studio’s catalogue”, said Ed Daly, director of The Chinese Room. “Bloodlines 2 is our most ambitious project to date. The fans awaiting this game eagerly. We’re up to the challenge. I hope we found a studio that shares our vision to achieve these goals. Fans of the franchise can rest assured thatBloodlines 2 is in good hands, and we’ll have more to share with you in January.”

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