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Veteran mass-effect developer Jos Hendricks joins Sony Sucker Punch

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Jos Hendricks, a veteran BioWare developer, announced his move to Sonys Sucker Punch Productions. Hendrix worked at BioWare for more than 14 years, mainly to create the Mass Effects series. He left the troubled studio earlier this year.

He worked at BioWare for years, and now he’s involved in the development of games such as Mass Effect 2, 3 and Andromeda, as well as Dragon Age: Inquisition and Anthem. Before leaving BioWare, he worked on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. According to Hendricks, his journey into the videogame development started by paper sketching of the levels for Super Mario World, then he arranged them in the Unreal Tournament 99 and Timesplitters 2.

Hendrix hasn’t said a thing regarding his work in the Spyware store and what capacity he is in. Amid the aforementioned ten jobs and the endless hints, the people have also argued they are working on a new one of the tsushima-like tasks and mysterious projects. Sucker Punch hasn’t confirmed yet anything, but has denied rumors that it’s working on a new game by Infamous and Sly Cooper.

The development of a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima is very logical, considering the commercial success of the game around the world.


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