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Vikingard has launched a midwinter festival of Yule

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NetEase Games launched a winter event into Vikingard, before embarking on the holidays, with the Midwinter-Festival of Yule. Take part in other holiday and winter fun activities as it goes until the end of the season. You can take advantage of this little event with a chance to learn a few things about life and develop new adventures. Some activities include winning prizes, adopting a magic pet from Norse mythology, dressing up in festive clothes, like those you see here, and adorning Mead Hall with decorations and a special Yule tree. Although this is the last event of 2022 for the game, the devs did hint at the idea that 2023 will be a banner year of content for the game. As we look forward to coming in the year following the title, we can read more about the event currently happening here here, and find out what will happen.

Credit: NetEase Games.

“There’s been a holiday in Fharun, but Yule’s Father is nowhere to be found.” As long as the Midwinter Festival of Yule continues as planned, players will be able to attract the goats from Thor’s, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr, as they collect their ornaments and defeat vermins – who pose a hazard to the forests. The players who participate at the Midnight Yule Festival can turn their character around with outfits that show the spirit of the season with chibi Santa-themed costumes for their Viking warriors. The festival will shower and fun-loving players as well as The Mead Hall decorations allow the Holiday Season to start. Happy Viking warriors gather in this festive season, share gift ideas and sing songs of their heroic act under the lights of the Yule tree.

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