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VIvaldi 6.8 came out with Mail 2.0, real-time memory usage and other improvements

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Vivaldi, the feature-packed Chromium browser for desktop and mobile platforms, received a major new update today. Version 6.8 is now available for download with a redesigned mail client, real-time memory usage monitoring and other improvements.

From the official release notes:

In the new Vivaldi 6.8 on the desktop, the built-in mail client sees a major update with prefetching for optimal mail search and preview. You also get a faster way to respond to emails. This update includes more real-time updates about tab memory usage, improvements to the address field, and more.

Vivaldi Mail 2.0 brings notable changes to the default client settings. Starting with version 6.8, Vivaldi Mail automatically downloads all your emails from the last 30 days. This change allows for a more efficient search and a preview of the first three lines of each email without the need to open it first.

Vivaldi is known for its extensive customization, and with Mail 2.0, you can specify the retrieval period in advance. It can be one month or all your emails. Just keep in mind that prefetching the entire mailbox will result in much more disk space usage.

Another neat addition to Mail 2.0 is Quick Reply. At the bottom of each email panel you’ll find a quick reply box so you can reply to an email in no time. Finally, Vivaldi Mail now remembers up to 200 actions, allowing you to eliminate quite a few “oops” moments.

Although the biggest focus of Vivaldi 6.8 is its mail client, the latest update also contains some welcome improvements to the browsing experience:

  • Real-time memory usage: The built-in memory saver now shows exactly how much RAM each tab is consuming, allowing you to pinpoint the memory-inefficient tabs and terminate them quickly. Just hover over the tab to see the effect.

  • Break mode: This mode allows you to quickly relax by adjusting audio and hiding everything on the screen. Continue button now “breathes” to simulate guided breathing and help you relax for a few minutes.

  • Quick commands of working environments: Select tabs, press F2 or Command + E and type “Create new workspace”.
  • Updates in the address bar: When typing the address of a website already open in another tab, Vivaldi will prompt you to switch to that tab with a dedicated button.
  • Import Chrome extensions: You can now import Chrome plugins from other browsers into Vivaldi.

You can find the full changelog for Vivaldi 6.8 In the official blog post.

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