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Vtuber GEEGA Makes his VShojo Debut

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The new Vshojo Vtuber debut on September 2, 2023 revealed that formerly independent Vtuber GEEGA is now a part of the company. His joining the company ended up being teased on August 28, 2023. There was a special video with an invitation. After that, an exact time and part of a silhouette was shown. There are new items to celebrate a new year’s event.

The GEEGA performed her VShojo debut on September 2nd, 2023 from 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock. It appeared on Twitch and there were several Vtubers from that company. Ironmouse, Haruka Karibu, Pikamee and Zentreya all came.

In retrospect, there were some signs that GEEGA would have been the new Vtuber at the start of VShojo. She posted a tweet about the VShojo Candy Pop concert. She has also participated in other streams with the current members like Haruka Karibu and Zentreya before. She’s been active since December 2020.

There are eight items to buy regarding that item.

  • Acrylic Standee twenty dollars.
  • Duo – 50 bucks.
  • There is a 20-year-old postcard from the Duo.
  • GEEGA GMO Shirt (40 dollars).
  • Softfall can supply 10 dollars on one to one day.
  • Underworld Casual Shirt $40 per person.
  • Underworld Casual Sticker Set $9.
  • Zemtraya sucks the tummy of Friendship at $35.

All of these are now available.

GEEGA now face-to-face with VShojo.

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