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Waiting days, Wartime Narrative, Releasing in October

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Long Gone

Narrative is a powerful tool, particularly in videogames. It allows the player to deal with real issues in a way that is more practical than, perhaps, more common. Of course war is a very powerful, engaging, and ugly subject with many different perspectives. Today Serenity Forge and This I Dreamt are pleased to announce the release date for their own narrative game, Long Gone Days. With its beginning on October 10th, the game encourages the player to enter war-torn earth. By playing as a soldier, players will wrestle with the asymmetric tensions between relations, the difficultness of peace and the fight itself. A press release offers some more details about the game and the story of it. Also, players can download the announcement trailer and go see the game.

Long Gone Days introduces players to Rourke. Rourke was a very young sniper. His task is to eliminate enemies in an ever-changing war over a war-torn planet. He discovered that war wasn’t what he thought. Players, playing as Rourke, will explore war’s complex realities, including defining the language barrier to a person of the horizon. Players will test their sniping skills to pick off enemies from the far or participate in turn-based combat. And to be alert, be careful. Every bullet is a choice, and every shot gives an alternate image of the game.

Of course, players can watch the announcement trailer for a glimpse into the game’s art style and gameplay. View the trailer at the end.

Long Gone Days will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch on October 10th.


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