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Wake up: First clip of Slasher from Turbo Kid Directors

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The French-Canadian directing trioRKSS (Anouk Whissell,Yoann-Karl Whissell, andFrancois Simard) are following up Turbo Kid and Summer of 84 with a slashing movie called Wake Up. The first clip for this film has been released.

This group of six young activists smell upon a fictitious minimalist Swedish furniture store. It took a few hours to start a massive building of a store, and then knocked back and smeared its own food and smeared off a wall of light to the end.

As embarrassed as they were, their outrage pales in comparison to the fervent resentment that had been years-long by the night’s kitty, Kevin. Seeing as the bitterness with which he ignored his anger at management and his disgusting young people became increasingly involved, he sought out a full admission of his bloody invitation, and put the primitive hunting techniques to good use. As Kevin creates the collective one by one, those who remain do the end of a fight to keep it alive.

That video shows the hunter frantically trying to track down the activists.

Wake up clip.

Wake Up started yesterday at Fantastic Fest and will continue on the festival circuit at Sitges Film Festival in Spain as part of the Oficial Fantastic Competition. It stars Benny O.Arthur (Django), Jacqueline More (The Anarchists Dream), Charlotte Stoiber (Downfall), Kyle Scudder, and Newcomers Alessia Yoko Fontana and Tom Gould, plus Turlough Convery and Aidan OHare (My Sailor, My Love).

We soon saw the original story, as well as the quality of the original story, in the real world, the film was also convincing. It was then just that we could visualize the film and we knew we had to direct it and let it be through, so RKSS said about Wake Up. A slasher in a closed furniture store and warehouse makes for a very exciting playground. We were very excited to see this movie as the premiere of a documentary at Fantastic Fest. It will be the start for us, and we can’t wait to meet our family and friends.

There is no release date for Wake Up currently.

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Wake up: First Clip of Slasher from Turbo Kid Directors.

The French-Canadian directing trio RKSS (Anouk Whissell,Yoann-Karl Whissell, andFrancois Simard) are following up the upcoming game “Real Kids” and Summer of 84 with a slasher film. Movies Neil Bolt Exactly one week ago, one woman stayed at home.

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