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Warzone 2 has won Dr. Disrespect back in 2023, and this update could even keep him hooked

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Dr. Disrespects is a very dangerous subject that has been largely ignored prior to this release in March 2022. The two-time has been pessimistic about it but has whirlened. It grew on him for a while, but that wasn’t a long time. Even though the devs did seven things fix, it wasn’t long before he said it would be stonemarried.

But some things have been a lot peachier in 2023. Moreover, his new year had created the desire to repeat and continue, regardless of all its imperfections.

That means they got something, said the star YouTuber during his stream on Jan. 3. That’s what that means most. They got something.

Image via Activision.

To keep him hooked, Doc said the devs have to continue to building towards what this something is,which he considers to be the main cause of a tightening and refinement of the gameplay.

He said, that the whole thing would be better if he resigned. It is a little easier to slow down the reloads, and while I sprint, I can heal. Go ahead. Get the short interactions better and get the same length as it is in the form of that damage model. That’s what you should do, man. In such a sense, make the game more fluid.

If the devs manage to get it off, he said Warzone 2 wouldn’t just be a good game, he’d be fucking sick and making a nice experience. Since it’s a huge hit, he’d laud it.

It would be interesting to see whether the sentiment ends, but despite the fact that Doc seems to enjoy it, his opinion speaks volumes about how much he’s changed. If DEADROP isn’t out for a second, it’ll soon be his number one most watched game throughout the year, and there’s no way to go from a post at the calender!

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