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Watch JoJos Bizarre Adventure Turtle Ocean Opening 2

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Now, you can watch the free JoJos Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean opening 2 online. The video was shot by Jolyne, the famous enemies of Ermes Costello, Foo Fighters, Weather Report, and Narciso Anasui, and the villain Father Pucci. It all runs while the Sanas Heavens are playing. This song is also available for purchase online.

Editor’s Note: If you’re not keeping up with the anime adaptation, the game Jody’s Bizarre: Stone Ocean opens two days of play.

Here’s the full video, which is available via Twitter.



The hells got lost in the sky: https://t.co.nbz/PNvXVelio/pisohrn znbz!

sana (sajou no hana) #StoneOcean #jojo_anime pic.twitter.com/LyWoHwweNk.

TV (@animejojo) December 23, 2022

The JoJos Twist Adventure: The Sandos opening 2 premiered only when the first episode was available. It starts with episode 25. Before that, the opening theme song The Ocean, written by Ichigo, came up.

JoJos ‘Bozarres’: Stone Ocean is streaming on Netflix. We have all of the episodes now available. Viz Media handles the localization of the manga. Most recently, people have helped Jolyne and others in JoJos Bizarre: All-Star Battle R on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X, Xbox One, and Windows PC.


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