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Water scum is great! “Pool” is a film adaptation

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Something is already unknown: The film year 2023 will almost certainly go down in history. Cinema is the first time that has started the corona pandemic that started in 2020, since a cinema ticket will be available for the first time without restrictions. Many different blockbusters lack a number of closed cinemas and distances due to blocked seats. The cinema year 2023, which includes flash drives like Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny, celebrates a very successful year in life.

The big-busters overshadow this trashy movie.

For its bizarre cinema hit 2023, it doesn’t matter whether or not the Barbie, Oppenheimer or Rehragout rendezvous are to mention it. In Meg 2: The Deep beats Fast and Furious star Jason Statham (jack, queen, king, grAS) in the prehistoric soarings. It seems like garbage, but according to the mostly underground reviews of critics, it is really true.

Nevertheless, the cinemas apparently liked the almost oversubscribed monster movie. This surprise doubled a success in China, which created Meg 2: The Deep, albeit temporarily, 2023 – top of the international cinema charts. Of course were talking about Barbie, who still has a feeling.

Playstation film Gran Turismo missed top marks in the German film scene charts.

The cinema weekend was full of excitement and excitement at the moment. Two key restarts may have had a lot of success. The new Eberhofer-Krimi Rehragout-Rendezvous misses number 1, but still holds a record for the popular film film series.

Meg 2 is struggling on his second film weekend, until it was his first time in a while. In spite of the rumor, 140 000 visitors reached number 4 on the film charts. This keeps you ahead of the game film’s Gran Turismo. The film adaptation of the Playstation classic will probably see 90.000 spectators.

It is a popular subject of PC games, like gaming readers.

A quarter billion loss: The biggest Star Wars flop isn’t a movie.

Even Solo: The Star Wars Story looks harmless against this flop.

You see that person with whom? Return of the Marvel legend is far bigger than expected.

One of the greatest Marvel heroes of all time could stay with the MCU for a little more longer.

The adaptation of Gran Turismo caused a stir with the trailer during the production. This film looks like a short advertisement for the popular racing game series on the Playstation. You can find out in our podcast why this film still entertained us. No matter how much the project will last up to the upcoming grandiose cinema year 2023, the movie becomes famous with an anecdote worth mentioning.

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