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WAVEN Sets Sail: Ankamas New Tactical RPG enters early access

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Catch the Wave of Early Access on August 2023.

Ankama, the creators of popular MMO titles like Dofus and Wakfu, opens the door to a new multiplayer tactical game, WAVEN. The early access is now live on the Steam and Ankamas launcher, offering an interactive simulation experience for Windows, Macs, and later this year iOS and Android.

New Gameplay Trailer has been unveiled.

Ankama released an interactive trailer wishing adventurers the same taste of what awaits them in the WAVEN world. A vivid picture of the flood that a few islands survived, inspires a seafaring adventurer to discover wealth and glory.

With the early access kickstarts with a narrative prologue, players become an adventure with over 250 quests to tackle, 17 destinations to visit, 25 heroes to find, 90 companions to collect and 300 spells to equip. The immersive experience is also enriched by multiplayer.

From Alpha to Early Access: the road to the End of the Exploration.

Following several open alphas and a demo version that generated valuable community feedback, the WAVEN early access was a crucial step before the definitive game launch. Ankama wants to hear feedback from players to improve the WAVEN experience and make it a truly unique adventure.

All Species, all of them, and all seasons pass.

As the game is free, three Founders Packs offer exclusive cosmetics. Players can enlist their progression with two free season passes and gold and platinum, as well as additional rewards when they complete in-game challenges. An FX cosmetic that contains a halo world visual will also be available when ready.

End date and the platform.

WAVENs early access begins on August 16th 2023 for Windows PC and Mac. The game will run in its final version at the end of 2023 on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android tablets.

Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android.

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