Waze is testing new notifications to warn drivers that dangerous roads are being marked in red on maps


A new version of Google’s navigation app, Waze, can alert users to nearby roads that are near high risk.


Roads with more accidents according to statistics will be redmarked in the report. If you’re driving on one of them already, this may not happen, according to Geektime. This function does not allow only one alert, so that precautions don’t distract the driver.

Screenshot: Get back to the hotel.

If you are using the beta, the following message is sent to Waze.

In the case of you and your driving history, we can send you a crash in your path.

Photo show: Geektime

It’s almost as if it is an upgrade, so it’s likely to be able to buy this feature early. If drivers aren’t wanting to receive notifications, they can be turned off by application settings.

This is one of the first changes to Waze after the team was merged with Google Maps and controls. Since the first of October the Google announced a merger, the teams would benefit from further strengthening the technical cooperation, said and said Wazes chief of public relations, Caroline Burdo. A number of changes came in the name of Waze CEO Neha Parih, as well as the amputation of operations for Googles.


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