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WD introduced the compact SSD WD_Black SN770M for portable consoles Steam and ROG Ally

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Western Digital introduced the compact WD_Black SN770M M.2 2230 solid-state drive, intended for portable gaming consoles, including Valves Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally. The new product comes in 500 GB of the goods, as well as 1 and 2 TB of one or two more.

Image source: Western Digital.

Raise the SSD on a Steamdeck or an Ally console. It’s more difficult to find an M.2 engine with the need to get enough power and get the compact M.2 2230. Such media aren’t widely utilized in retail stores and are more often found in manufacturers made ready-made systems. Recently, the transmission volume of the NVMe M2 2230 has begun to improve. The Verge writes that a combination of Sabrent and Micron have recently presented their solutions in this format.

Western Digital has released an in-segment segment of compact NVMe drives – a huge sign of a growing demand for such solutions. The new products use portable portable portable batteries. WD_Black SN770M drive, which can read at five140MB/s. The sequence write speed of 500 GB is 4000 MB/s, the 1 TB model is 4900 MB/s, and the 2 TB model is 4850 MB/s. The class of the junior model with random read operations is 460 thousand iOPS, for the 1.9 TB version 740 thousand iOPS, and for the 2.7 TB version 650 000 iOPS. In all three cases, performance for random write operations is 800 thousand times higher than for each.

The WD_Black SN770M for the 500 GB model is estimated to be 300 TBW (terabyte of overwritten information); 1 TB model 600 TBW (eastern versions 1200 TBW).

The manufacturer took a $7.99 WD_Black SN770M PCIe 4.0. The 1TB version is $109.99. Both goods are available from an online shop in Western Digitals. The two TB option hasn’t yet been displayed on this forum, but the new product is now available at the price of $299.99.

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