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We made four mistakes and have a positive effect on our PC!

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A new year arrives at the beginning, so we always hope all goes better, even the health of our PC. In any case, the biggest problem with our computer is not often the software and hardware, rather it is the way we use it. The second one on our PC is the one that will affect your computer.

We make four mistakes and are affecting our PC.

Running too many programs one day is not good.

Once you are done, you install several programs. Perhaps you use various tools and functions, or you have a few software programs installed from years ago that you’ve forgotten about. There are no other ways, since running too many applications always slows your computer.

The biggest problem was an automatic run on the background. It means they’re eating many pounds of RAM even if you don’t have them. You should be aware of the new applications installed. If you have the tick to run every time you turn on your computer, remove it. In most cases, there will be no problem.

Don’t disable the unnecessary stuff.

Many apps are suited to run when you turn on your computer. The problem is that many of them can slow down your PC. It’s always a good idea to check that there’s no point at compromising the speed.

Finding out is simple. First, use the key of Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

At that point, the task manager will open. Then go to the screen “Starting”. A series of applications will be announced here.

When you check that tab, you can easily disable a user’s computer. Just click on that app and press “Application”. So, because I don’t always need them, I’m removing Spotify, Cortana and Skype.

In the meantime the impact column on starters has come to me without measurement everywhere. Even though something bigger or medium appeared, that would be what we should deactivate.

Not restarting regularly.

You should restart your PC when you have a problem. Restarting regularly is not necessary, even if it is not solved.

You might be tempted to never turn your computer off, so you can quickly pick up where you left off the last time. But it’s a terrible idea and can make your computer run slowly.

The main performance benefit of restarting is that doing so clears RAM. Because RAM is volatile, it is cleared after every reboot.

Click where you have to stop ignoring us.

When you have your PC running sluggishly, you should know how careful you are when you get to the online store. Unfortunately, a lot of websites are extremely harmful. Fake download buttons, huge ads that fool people into scams and all kinds of fake stuff that can solve your problem.

Yet legitimate downloads aren’t always safe. Although it was not as big a problem as it was before, many free programs try to enforce third-party software with pre-selected checkboxes. If you click next without thinking, you will find some extra junk on your system, which only serves to slow you down.

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