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We Shared a Sandwich Together, Hocus PoCu Sgt. Recall Leo DiCaprios Max Audition: Director of Hous Posse Historian Llelandis Tito

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Kenny Ortega, who directed the 1993 film Hocus Pokuisopao rememberd sharing he’ll find an interview with Leonard DiCagi when him came into to audition for Max.

In a talk with Entertainment Weekly, Ortega said that DiCauprio was the last person to audition for Hocus Poku. Even though everyone knew DiCaprio wasn’t going to receive the part due at all in order, Ortega sat down and talked him for some time.

Ortega explained, [My casting team] called to my place and said: We’re sending someone in but you can no longer have him. They said We want you to know who he is, we want the other of us meeting him. He has agreed for me that they come in and meet each other so well it can’t do his job with your souls! He was offered a film with [Robert] De Niro andWhats Eating Gilbert Grape.

Leonardo DiCaprion felt bad about auditioning for the Hocus Poku’.

He came in and he was extraordinary for being so unique that from time to time, felt stressed. He said I feel bad that we’re here, because of the lacks in good health and it is not possible for me to do this. When he says so, I tell you how much else they have done, his words are understood by me on behalf with him. We shared a sandwich. He was really cool. When he ran out, I called the castings and said my father is killing me here.

Ortega didn’t ask DiCaprio to literally read Maxs lines during the audition, because as he said just speaking with his young actor was sufficient for him on purpose.

This guy was so special, but I would say that after the arrival of Omri Katz there was something quite perfect and he felt happy to deliver everything I could’ve wanted in this role. He was very funny.

Hocus Pocopia is currently streaming on Disney+. In his new movie, the Dead of the Flower Moon (Tyloris) starring DiCaprio then plays in cinema tonight on October 19, 2023.

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