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We study the chips of AMD Phoenix2, but two types of x86 cores exist

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We know that Ryzen 7040 (Phoenix) mobile processors use 2 die options. Unfortunately, AMD doesn’t seem to know any details about the older version of the APU, known the name Phoenix2, but it’s leaking onto the Internet. For example, an image was received from Asian sources so that we can study in detail the inner structure of the younger crystals.

The 4nm technology uses AMD Phoenix, and to make hybrid chips. However, if the regular APU version has a depth of 178 mm, then the Phoenix2 area is 137 mm. The lower the number of cores used, 6 out of 8 and 4 x86, and a higher-end graphics unit, which contains three times fewer Compute Units: 4 instead of 12 is 10.

However, the most interesting feature of the Phoenix2 chip is the use of two types of x86 cores. In this case, AMD combined two Zen-4 cores with four Zen-4 cores. It is possible to see them on the left half of the chip a little farther south than the L3 cache block. The two versions of x86 cores support SMT technology, allowing you to produce a 6-core/12-thread chips based on Phoenix2, like the Ryzen 5 7540U.


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