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We took a round trip to the electric mini-paying machine that looks like a smartphone

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During the Munich Motor Show, we were able to learn new digital technologies in the all-new Mini Countryman, the first electric, and the new Digital Experience. It was quite pleasing to its screen round, whose interface looks almost like a smartphone.

After the start of the IAA Motor Show 2023, we went to Mini. Already to discover the new and fifth generation of Mini Cooper in its electric versions. Then to get acquainted with the countrymen of the third generation. We tested the huge round OLED screen, too.

If the Countryman can be offered in thermal versions, it’s the x-ray version, presented with a colorful show that highlighted its new engines and the modern digital solutions – including its new central screen – in the image itself. I boarded this new Countryman, here are our impressions.

External: a compact car, but not a lot!

First, this mini-Landdisman is growing. And it’s pretty obvious. We’re talking about sizes, with a length that takes 13 centimeters, and the height of 6 centimeters. It isn’t nothing and just noticeable, especially for the only time he has shown the first two generations. Be honest, it is true that it’s the foundation of its cousin BMW iX1 and that it will be produced like the latter in Germany at the Regensburg manufacturing.

This improves in stature as well as changes in your body. We’re not in the same condition as the previous model. And this new Mini Countryman also has an unique personality in that brand. He loses a bit of his sickness. Even though it does suit him well, he likes his new size.

As I wander around the car, I notice everything that makes this new physique stand out: smooth, cleaner body surfaces, flush handles, fewer small details (disappearance of the side vents) And now we look back at the front, and there it seems like a completely new stern has moved the wheel at the corner of the cab, and to the side of the road, the stern is on the rear of the car and with no new custom lights. She is very successful.

Mini-Anfender E

Mini-Countryer E

The Munich event was interesting because it was a chance to find a bit less beautiful version of the Countryman, a Countryman E with a much more basic finish. If the green of Germany looks fantastic on it, the less simplistic design of the rims, the black grille and absence of chrome sabots on the front and back of the rocker panel simply make it more sexy.


As far as the countryman stands, a move which indicates that it is gross, and a lot of interior volume comes out of the way. You can sense it at the front, but at the back with the safe space for passengers.

Not against it, big disappointment because of the press release telling us about a rear seat sliding 13 cm. The volume in the trunk is useful for increasing the leg room for the rear passenger or for the additional volume in the trunk. We saw everyone, but we couldn’t get the lever to drop it. And in the good sense! It wasn’t a case that we didn’t present on our demo model, but it’s a case for thermal versions.

The Electric Nationalist does not have batteries under the ground, but it’s frankly a shame.

The front seats Mini Countryman SE.

As long as you are seated at the front, the service tunnel remains visible, even if certain stallions from 100% electric supply can provide a fixed board.

The trunk seemed larger in size to us as it was now larger than the outgoing generation. Nonetheless, you could expect the official figures from Mini to confirm this.

The Countryman and the new mini Cooper have almost identical interiors. A few details can be found. The door handles, as well as the air vents, are vertical on the SUV.

We find precisely the same infotainment system on the central round televisor measuring 24 cm in diameter. Very easily he passed through it. Even the instrumentation normally raked in the steering wheel (a head-up display still exists as an option).

Where to turn the car on, choose the reverse gear, and how to drive, and when to turn on the wheel, the buttons be put down on the haptic buttons to assist with the drive or in front/rear defrosting.

We could play a little with the new infotainment, and wander through the menus, and we must admit the user experience is very good. Mini wanted to get closer to what we can get on a smartphone as far as possible, and it was able to see its fluidity and responsiveness both in the touch screen and the menu structure.

We swipe the side to get to the various functions, as well as to add shortcuts, clicking on the left to return to the previous page. This is childishly simple, so we found ourselves there in just a few minutes, and the graphics and integrations are very successful.

Learn more about the menus that are available.


The Mini Countryman has been presented as a electric version of the kit. We might even think that there would no longer be a thermal mini. For example, like BMW, on the other hand, customers will have choice between electric and thermal.

For the moment, only the electric versions have been shown to us and detailed, with one and the same battery available, Countryman E and Countryman SE, and 66.45 kWh. Among the two versions, the power is 204 and 313 horsepower.

The table below shows the precise characteristics of the new electric Mini Countryman.

MINI Countryman EMini Countryman SE ALL4 Range462 km433 km Battery Power150 kW (204 hp)230 kW (313 hp) Torque250 Nm 494 Nm 546 100 km/h8.6 sec6 sec5.6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec5 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec6 sec7.

While we wait for information on the prices for the French market, we already know that the new Mini Countryman E will be available from 43,500 Euros from our neighbours.

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