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Weather and local time are now in Google Contacts

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The Google Contact application received new features. Many of them were useful, but that is not very far behind. One will probably skip the discussion. Also, look into this new weather and the local time in Google contacts.

Weather and local time now appear in Google contact forms.

When a lot of people call people, especially when they are in the city, they usually ask for the weather or even the time it is in the area. You may not be able to do that, but this will not be necessary. The new App will display the local time and weather information according to each person’s location, as shown in the 9to5Google website.

Entries that contain the address show the city’s city’s actual time a card that indicates the city’s actual time. The temperature and the weather are then displayed visually and textually. However, tapping doesn’t take you to Google Search or the Weather app to get a full forecast, that would be convenient. It should be placed higher on the page, too.

Google-contacts show clear sources, with weather.com responsible for that data, as in Search.

Despite the fact that you had no discussion, then the information that a friend called in is useful. This is even to determine if there is one good time to call.

In contrast, Google contacts now uses a circular profile picture to replace the square version. Another recent UI tweak places call, text, and video buttons in themed circles.

If you don’t see the time map, you can’t drag Google contacts to the app info menu. Because of the fact that it is already appearing in version 4.14 and newer.

Don’t miss any important information. Watch Google’s news. Click on the button below and then on the star symbol in the right-hand corner.

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