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Were Old: Papers Please celebrate its 10th birthday with a new game!

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Papers Please, which was described by the public as popular and interesting when it came out, has now turned 10. Yes, time moves fast. The date since the first version of the game was released, and the date since the first time everyone made a Papers Please video that became popular among YouTubers was not very long. The date is now only 10 years old. The creator of the game, Lucas Pope, celebrates his 10th anniversary with a new game. Here are the details.

Papers Please celebrate its 10th anniversary using a web game.

As a celebration of its 10th anniversary since its release, the Papers Please attracts visitors with the story. The game that allows you to experience many psychological depressions with its pixel-by-pixel-friendly graphics, which self-connect the story, sold over five million copies in total on different platforms. We at the very highest possible number when you add the misfortune of the game to this number so it will be more difficult to play.

The games developer, Lucas Pope, and his company, 3909 LLC, celebrate the 10th anniversary of the legendary Papers Please game. In the game called LCD, we approve all the people’s entry and exits, just as was the first game. The game, as the name suggests, mimics the ipad of the past years. It is not a game that you’ll play over hours, but we can say that it is ideal for a week off for five minutes.

We bought it for five hours on time. Our Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been raised.

The price of the truck simulator Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is very popular among Turkish players, has recently been increased.

The pixel-based game, available from more than 40 platforms, was released on the latest Android and iOS platforms. The game has a sale price of 2 dollars in the App Store and 59.99 TL in the Google Play Store. It’s on sale for 18 TL on Steam. Have you played Papers please before? Do you think that game is all that good as it is described?

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