Wesley Hill: The short Message is coming down from another rating board


At its recent show Konami revealed an array of Silent Hill games, but only one title was noticeable. The Short Message was the second one of which had previously been discovered. Despite being officially unveiled, it is currently appeared in an evaluation board.

As named in the original picture of Gematsu, the list for Silent Hill: The Short Message was announced on the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee. Google Translate notes there’s violence, horror and a language inappropriate; and a short summary of the plot is written in English. It describes a man who’s been trying to meet his friend before coming to an abandoned apartment and getting trapped in it. The protagonist must then escape their own fears and find the truth before losing its own desire to survive. A similar listing, but less detailed, appeared on the Korean rating board in September.

This latest description seems more appropriate to what used to be Silent Hill games. Insider Dusk Golemleaked photos from a reportedSilent Hill game in May 2022. The pictures were quickly copyright claimed, which he toldKotakuhad never happened before. The images show a messy apartment or house decorated with all sorts of notes that have disparaging insults written on them. They are also apparently from an old 2020 build, and it looks a bit different now. Nevertheless, that setting somewhat matches the description of the small image on the Taiwanese rating board listed in the above picture.

Video Game Chronicles report after that leak said these images are from a PK-style teaser named Sakura. The show is supposed to be released free for the larger projects. Theres also still reportedly a mainline-introduction in the works that didn’t make its debut at the October eve show.

There’s a small teaser for this game, as Konami has done that in the past with P.T. and Solid V: Ground Zeroes. However, the PS5 list doesn’t mean it won’t come to other platforms, if it exist, but P.T. only achieved PS4 and Silent Hill 2 Remake is a PS5 exclusive (and there’s no possibility that it will come to Xbox systems).


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