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Western Digital 8TB WD Purple Pro hard drives are down to an all-time low price

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Western Digital, a popular manufacturer of storage solutions, has a dedicated array of hard drives that are optimized for surveillance cameras. WD Purple Pro offers different storage capacities (from 8TB to 22TB), and right now, you can get the 8TB configuration for a new all-time low price. Amazon is selling it now With 25% off for only $199.99Saves you $65 per unit.

The WD Purple Pro line of CMR (conventional magnetic recording) hard drives from Western Digital have a number of features that make them a good choice for tracking and solid-state hard drives only. They are rated for workload rates of up to 550TB per year (endurance) with an added focus on reliability, which is essential for always-on devices.

WD Purple Pro drives are designed for new generations of advanced AI recorders, video analytics devices, deep learning servers, and cloud solutions that can benefit from high-capacity storage with high performance and additional workload capacity.

Each drive also features stain-resistant components that allow for use in harsh environments. There are additional safeguards to withstand temperature fluctuations, equipment vibrations and other not-so-friendly conditions.

Other specifications of the WD Purple Pro hard drives are similar to “regular” 3.5-inch hard drives. They run at 7,200 rpm and connect via a SATA3 6Gbps interface.

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