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We’ve had a lift-off: Starfield has just completed a mega player milestone, at just 27 hours after launch

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Starfields first day has set Bethesda on an collision course, and a milestone can be overcome as the developer celebrates its first massive concurrent player record for its latest release. The long-awaited space epic has managed to attract over one million concurrent players and doesn’t seem to be able to get anything out of it soon.

This success is partly confirmed by the fact that Starfield has been on shelves just over a day. The exclusive Microsoft and Steam has been available for 27 hours from the time of publication, with a tweet for the sixth and fifth grade of the Xbox announced Wednesday that the day Starfield passed that milestone on September 6.

Starfield is currently available on Steam, Xbox One X|S and Game Pass. According to SteamDB statistics, Microsofts console and game pass seem to be driving forces in Starfields player surge.

The peak of Steam’s all-time low reached 269,177 concurrents on Sept. 6 – all day seeing an increase of two from the previous one. The latest title of Bethesdas was released on Sept. 5 but was available for eager gamers who want the upgraded versions of five days earlier.

Starfields’ collection of Steam users looks stable after early access, with the first day peak exceeding two30,000 concurrents.

It has been reported that players have increased regularly since this morning. That’s likely because Starfield finally releasing for those who didn’t pre-order the Premium or Constellation Edition.

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It’s not yet known whether Starfield can resume its trajectory.

Let’s not forget that the weekend was approaching. The omission of Sunday ticks out. Now just wait for Starfield to keep momentum.


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