Whalien Unexpected Guests announced their late January release


Forbidden Folds announced this week that they now have an official release date for Whalien Unexpected Guests. If you have not seen this one, you play as an amateur boater who has suddenly become plagued with Squiddies. It’ll be yours to go through this beast and to go back to your adventuring. You can see more about this game here, as this game is due to be released on PC by Steam on January 24th.

Credit: Those banned actions come down.

“Ernest hemingwhale is the last person not to live in Fin, the mechanical whale”. When a small Squiddies start to eat, Fin asks for help. Ernest embarks on an adventure on a whale to help his friend regain control over his unexpected guests. With your Gloves you can push and pull anything within your reach. Use your pearls – Mr. Take and take a few steps to manipulate the objects from a distance. Whalien is a game that uses pushing and pulling forces, and everything you’re doing in the game is built on the mechanic.”

“Muse colorful places, meet loveable characters, and discover the exciting secrets on your journey through the insides of the whale.” Ernest is the hero of our story. Despite his ardent lack, he’s trying to help Fin, his home and friends. Fin, the house of Ernest. The two can even speak by phone with a text book and charismatic profiles. I believe it’s an important tool for Fin to express the worries of his inner whales. Sooner, tiny folks were spotted inside Fin and began forming remorse. Some of them even specialize in making Ernest a nuisance. Toller than more guests? Even if they aren’t a very helpful kid, they look so useful. What might these springy colleagues be up to?


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