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What are the Assassins Creed best with Ezio Auditore?

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The adventures in which Ezio was the protagonist, though they date back to two consoles generations ago, remain alive and happy among the most beautiful ever, by all those who have had the pleasure of facing them.

While we wait for the arrival of the “Assassins Creed Mirage” on the shelves, and then put the focus on 11th century Bagdad, we thought we would leap to the Italian Renaissance and remember the trilogy which featured the original Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Because we like rankings, we sorted three games according to their score on Metacritic::

1. Assassins Creed 2 (Meta score 91)

You have to fight Assassins Creed 2. There’s not only the best episode of the Ezio trilogy, it’s also the highest rated Assassins Creed ever. Not a little.

When it arrived on the market in 2009, the second chapter of the series left everybody speechless, having dramatically expanded everything that had been introduced in the progenitor two years earlier. Her success is largely because of his charismatic protagonist, a reckless young man who goes to Renaissance Florence to avoid the creed of the Assassins with tragic circumstances, and then honor him better than anyone else. The story of the game unfolds from 1476 to 1499, passing by Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Forli, and Venice, finally providing a nice taste of Rome, which later became the backdrop for the next game.

2. Brotherhood of Assassins (Meta Score 90)

The evolution of Ezios continues to be explored in Assassins Creed Brotherhood, which began at the beginning of the previous chapter, 1399 BC Roma.

The eternal city is the main source for the story, with Ezio involved in the reconstitution of the “Opption of the Succeeds,” which has lost its ancient strength. In the following years he re-upgrades the guild’s ranks, a narrative pretext that acts as a driving force for the greatest gameplay innovation, the possibility of hiring and using the other members of the order in battle. Ezio, meanwhile, plays several plays with Cesare Borgia, until he wins an epic battle in Viana, Spain.

3. An Assassins Creed Act (Meta score 80)

The last act of the Ezios trilogy (and life) is the worst to be received, even if it’s hard to complain about a Death score of 80. The critics expressed their feelings of the lack of innovation (a problem that would have worsened with subsequent iterations), but the importance of Assassins Creed Revelations is incontestable.

The story begins in 1511 and stars a now mature Ezio as a mentor for the Brotherhood of Assassins. The journey to discover the past of his order leads the man first to Masyaf, where he steps on the trail of Altair and then to the shining Constantinople where he’s buried. The game starts with an antarctic scene, where he puts his face on an attitude as a guide to a message.

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