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What are the top phones, ages three and seven?

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Huawei is amongst the top smartphones under 10 o’clock.

Before starting that top, I want to mention that this price category is small. These smartphones have both advantages and disadvantages, which for one person may be significant, while other people may think why do they need it? So start.

First, this is a market segment, where every smartphone has a killer feature and a big drawback, and also everyone must understand for themselves which of these pros and cons is important to them, and what they can change their eyes on, so we decided to add for each of those areas a 10-point scale for key parameters, where some smartphone stood out and where some failed to run and where a key component is key, so we decided to add for each.

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is a stylish and compact smartphone. While weighs just 158 grams and a slim 681mm body, its lightweight and lightweight abutments are still a problem. In times like these, compact smartphones cost more than shovels.

The lightest and fashionable smartphone comes with the most stylish and stylish ones.

Xiaomi 11-Lite 5G NE-ZYл.

Cameras: 7/10.

Performance: 10/10

A screen. 9/10

Autonomie: 8/10

Speed of charging: 8/10


+ Lightweight, compact and stylish design.

+ Fast Snapdragon 778G processor.

+ High quality front camera.

The main camera is already weak, so small it can’t get.

The news was released two years ago.

Charges lent (33 W)

It has a large battery capacity of 250 mAh.

Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G – Redmi Note 12.

A smart smartphone with a hard drive, 120 Hz LCD screen and a powerful 1080 processor, and a great camera. However, do not confuse this device with Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G, but the 4G version of this smartphone is, in all respects, the worst of all. It’s an additional 3000 o’clock, while the 6/8 GB option is available for the standard versions with NFC, and, at least the most interesting thing is that the cost of this configuration is not enough in terms of RAM, so that it should be paid for the 8/28 version for 10,700 or for 11/256. It’s the case, where a small amount of extra pay will play a very significant role in the quality of the instrument.

Also note that there are no NFC versions that cost a little less than listed. You can decide whether you need pay without contact with Google, or if not, a few hundred more hryvnia.

Best camera

Redmi Note 12 – 5 G / 5G / Redmi Note – Note 12 / rebut.


Camera: 9/10.

Performance: 9/10

Screen: 9/10

Autonomy: 9/10

Free shipping: 10/10.


+ The best laptop of its kind amongst its competitors (Sony IMX 766).

+ Powerful Dimencity 1080.

+ Fast charging 67w!

In The Basic version, only 6 GB of RAM can be used.

Social camera – average.

4K video without stabilization.

Average selfie camera.

Realme 10 Pro Plus.

This smartphone is both about style, however, this smartphone only has a stylish design from the rear, since it has a display with curved edges, but it is heavy and doesn’t smell very much compact.

Spectacular display

Realme 10-plus!


Cameras: 4.8/10.


Screen: 10/10


Charged speed: 10/10


+ Good aion module (Samsung HM6).

+ Displaypay bet allocated.

+ Fast charge 67 W.

Monrus There is no optical stabilization, and in 4k there is no electronic stabilization in any way.

This video is the average quality.

Moto G72

The smartphone is very similar to Realme 10 Pro Plus, but can save more than $50 and doesn’t require a curved display. Even the camera’s sensors are the same Samsung HM6. The processor is a little less powerful, but for everyday tasks it’ll be enough. The phone is for those who want to save money and not pay excessively for marketing tricks.

Get it for the money.

Moto G72


Cameras: 8/10.

Power: 7-10

Take the test 7/10

Autonomy: 8/10

Charging speed: 8/10


+ The cheapest among them.

+ Good hands-free main camera (Sony HM6).


Three-way charge is short (33W).

the weakest processor of all.

Samsung Galaxy A33 and Samsung Galaxy M33 are both A33 and M33.

These two smartphones are very close. This of them has a unique feature that can lure attention to the apartment. The Galaxy A33 is the only one on this list that has the best design and IP67 water resistance (maximum endurance capability immersion in fresh water for up to 30 minutes) and the Galaxy M33 is the king of battery life thanks to a massive 6000 mAh battery. In all other aspects these phones are as simple as they can; therefore choose one which is more important for you.

Applicable to protect against the moisture.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 is a Galaxy A3.


Cameras: 7/10.

Performance: 9/10

Screen: 7/10

Autonomy: 8/10

I’ll take a stand for the rate.


+ Optical stabilization in the camera.

+ IP67 protection for moisture.

+ Display better than Galaxy M33.

Takes a very slow amount (15 W) of electricity.

teardrop flange for camera.

Video 4K without stabilization.

If your smartphone needs a battery life, the Galaxy M33 is for you. As for the fingerprint scanner, the button is not under the screen, so that it will be a plus, and a minus, not for others. You will decide.

Smartphone with the best battery.

Galaxy M33


Cameras: 7/10.

Performance: 9/10

Screen: 5/10

Autonomy: 10/10

Charge speed: 4/10


+ The best battery, the best.

One with very small charge (15 W).

Cutout with teardrop for the front camera.

TFT screen

Andriy Sh. The date of publication was 09/01/2023.

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