What does OU mean in competitive Pokemon?


There are many Pokemon in any game, with over 400 Pokemon in scarlet and violet. With an enormous roster of competitively viable creatures, balancing competitive play is nearly impossible task. By that time, some competitive players will turn to Smogon, the community’s premier single-battle competition format.

What is Smogon? Smogon is a website about competitive Pokemon. Players can discuss optimum builds and metagames in a centralized area. Pokemon Showdown, is a combat simulation where users can easily create a Pokemon that simulate competitive battles rather than in play on the official game.

What’s the U.S. for competitive Pokemon?

Image by Pokemon Company.

The Smogon format consists of three tiers of Pokemon, based on their strength. Weight is determined by a user’s usage. Pokemon can be used immediately. They are banned to higher tiers of Uber, and that’s where you’re not used to higher tiers of Pokemon.

OU stands for Overused and is a standard tier of Smogon. Pokemon generally are found in this class of action. In Pokemon Showdown, you can affront these tiers, and you can only use the Pokemon permitted in this tier. Pokemon in the Uber-Test cannot be used in OU.

If Pokemon aren’t used enough and have a reduction in usage, they’ll fall to a below tier known as UU, if they’re Underused. Where does it get used? From UU there are also the tiers RU, NU, PU, LC, for baby or first-stage Pokemon, and Untiered (the worst Pokemon of the bunch).

If you’re looking to see the competitive landscape of Pokemon in Smogon, go by the Pokemon Showdown website here.


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