What Game Pass lost 2022: How many games, what lost and what was even more noticeable losses were there


The year 2022 is coming to an end. Then there were a summary of the games that were added to the Game Pass subscription this year. In total, 220 projects were completed with more than $7,000. But they did remove a lot of interesting things. Our editors have calculated how many games were removed from GamePass in 2022, how quality were these games and how much time it costs to play.

To the total for 2022, 172 games were added to the Xbox and PC (total). 157 games are in PC, and 149 on Xbox, and many games were in PC, Xbox, and PC. In 2021, a few more games were deleted 179 pieces, and in 2020, only 133 projects were removed from Game Pass. In average, Microsoft removed about 15 games per month, and added 18-19. Every player which has been removed from this page, is 76.9 on Metacritic. While calculating this score, we didn’t take into account projects that do not have an actual score on Metacritic. This is how the three main losses of 2022 to game Pass are based on the rating of these games on Metacritic (the presented games have a score higher than 85 on the aggregator): Carp andamp; Coarse FishingF1 2019The series Darkness: Become, Shadows EditionCorchlight IIDesperados III: Indulguados III: Become as Gods EditionDorchlight IIDentary a ten-year-old.

The mastering tools analyzed how games were erased from Game Pass.


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