What happened to the remake of a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for PS5


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was first released in 2003 and today is considered one of the greatest video game works centered on the universe of Star Wars which led to many cheers when the remake of the game was announced in the PlayStation Showcase of September 2021.

On the occasion it was confirmed that Aspyr Media (and not BioWare as in the original game), will be behind the project, and that it would come as an exclusive PlayStation 5. Even though there have been a few traces lost over the time of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake, the game’s still still unopened. All fans want a teaser.

How did Star Wars Remake look? There is also a constant silence at the earliest of months. The latest updates provided by the journalist Jason Schreier were disappointing. Despite the fact that Star Wars KOTOR Remake has changed the development team, Embracer has no support, but Saber Interactive wants that as far as as Aspyr would.

The same Schreier convinced that Star Wars KOTOR Remake will be postponed to 2025 because of the major development problems that the project had encountered, and which resulted from the addition of authors. However, there are no definitive confirmations of the fact, and we are still waiting to get the KOTOR remake back in action after a long silence. Whatever happens, then it is not yet understood.


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