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What is the best video game of 2022? The top 10 best games of the year are the 10 best of 2022

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End of the year the time is known to be time for rankings, and Metacritic has compiled the list of 10 games with the highest score of 2022. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, which is more popular than the God of War Ragnarok, is not the only surprise of Metacritics top 10.

The latest version of the Witcher 3 Dead Edition is the latest game for Nintendo Switch with a Metascore of 96/100. It is the same Metascore that sets up Elden Ring for Xbox Series X and S and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Complete Edition for PS5, which however occupy position number two, three and four respectively.

The best video games of 2022 are the best of all time.

The official video game console 96 is about a PC. Xbox X/S 96 Elden Ring X/S 96 Elden Ring PS5 96 – 106. Witcher 3: The Witcher Wild Hunt completes it up, PS5 96. Persona 5 B.C. 95. Persona 5 Royal Xbox Series 94. Peoplea 5 Nintendo Switch 94 Elden Ring PC 94. During the War, Ragnarok SR5 94 remained in existence. The Dwarf Fortress PC 93 has the dwarf and the dungeon unit.

There are three post-colonizations, that is why our main focus is on Elden Ring in the PC version, while God of War Ragnarok is only ninth with a 100-tidbit of 94/100 for a moral liar. Closes the top 10 Wifi Fortress with a score of 93/100.


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