What is the biggest game in 2022?


No game released will burn the world. Some of this will be far better than expected. Others might be simply impossible to play. So, as we wrap up our year-long meeting for 2022 at Siliconera, we decided to make a full reveal about our worst games.

It’s fun to be in mind now that I just had to play it, but Samurai’s Maiden. These three major publisher titles are my pleasure, I was also a little disappointed in this one. The script is terrible. The controls were not precise enough. I didn’t like how combo and special attack unlocking worked. The enemies were unnatural. It felt like an etiquette game. If it had been a twenty dollar title, I could have lived with that. The fact that it’s 60 dollars really annoyed me also. Jenni

Having enjoyed reading games, there always is an entirely free, unstoppable version. And The Callisto Protocol is that.

I have not only destroyed my PC without losing some power after several crashes, but the combat is unresolvable and the story becomes a mystery. The enemies are brilliant and completely forgettable, and they are full of characters and retreads like Silent Hill: Homecoming. That’s really not great for a point of the left – technical issues aside. Kazuma

All of the games that I personally played in 2022 had a charm or otherwise redeeming factor, except for one game that I would have forgotten about before but failed to mention at The Game Awards: Tower of Fantasy. Apparently, this game didn’t take off at a price that most people abandoned, but when I played it, Tower of Fantasy was a messe of play. On paper, the story may be interesting but in practice it wasn’t possible to sit by.

No matter what I look like, I’m really upset with Tower of Fantasy. There were a lot of the things that the development team did (from the Chinese ID controversy to the theft of reviews) and the general discussion around it online gave it a hefty bad reputation. Maybe Tower of Fantasy isn’t doing too bad for itself now, but in the situation, I personally think it’s the worst game I’ve played in 2022. Stephanie

It is mine to try and find things I can’t recommend about anything that I play, and to avoid almost every game and have no obligation to review it. I also don’t like frightened theater, so I’ve got little to say if it comes to throwing shade at the most favorite titles. That said, it was more difficult to find grace for Babylons Fall, a game that, despite its very limited nature, wasn’t very capable of ending the womb, too. The bad old days of the ps3 era when global developers aped cover-based shootable games like Gears of War in a bid to grip market-leading designs against eras market-leading. In the case of a poor understanding of what things are and how they work.

Perhaps given more time, Babylons Fall could have been dragged into the realm of being capable enough to attract a viable player base. Service games are always given many such chances. Unfortunately, Square Enix didn’t seem willing to wait, and the game will shut in February. I’m not so cold as to say good riddance, but I’d lie if I said that I regret having seen it gone. Platinum has not given up on the games. However, the way it works is a bit like leaving things on the note that I hope they’re having some positive lessons for the next go-around. Josh


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