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What is the standard 1 – shipment in MW2?

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The Tier 1 Shipment playlist is now in MW2, but what is the old-school map and how do they relate to it?

Shipment is one of the most popular maps in the MW2 game, offering player a fast-paced environment perfect for throwing multiple kills.

Now, a new playlist has been added to the map and many players are wondering what the map is.

What’s it like to ship 1 item?

The tenth of July Shipment is an expedition playlist, sucked up for the closest trip. It is played in the sixth quarter of an earthy relic, except in Tier 1. Tier 1 is MW2’s answer to hardcore mode as players don’t have a HUD, no health, no hit signaling, and no pay proofing.

If you think this small map is fast-paced, the version of Tier 1 will be even faster. On the other hand, friendly fire is activated so be careful not to kill his own teammates.

If you want more details about this mode, please check out our explanation full of Tier 1 in MW2.

Is MW2 the Standard Shipment Part?

While the MW2 version of Hardcore is hardcore, Tier 1 isn’t quite the fan-favorite mode. Tier 1 is much more similar to Realism in the Call of Duty.

In OG Hardcore, you would have hit markers and kill confirmation, while Tier 1 doesn’t have these features.

If you want to play a Hardcore version of Shipment, this is the closest way to it. You have plenty of time to take risks to overcome those tough camo challenges that you’re making harder in the premier section.

If Tier 1 isn’t your style, but still wish to play the map with the Naughty List playlist, on MW2 you can see a festive version.

How to play class 1 – Shipment in MW2.

Play Tier 1 Shipment, you may add a link to the playlist. The location of this playlist is on the multiplayer menu.

The Featured section will select your playlist. Scroll for this.

Alternatively you can take a look at the recommended Tier 1-List. It is not an option that a good deal can get the map in a single game, and the new option is more available the next day.

If you head to the map and travel towards Orion camo, here are five tips for completing a couple of these tasks.

  • Point Blanket kills anyone.
  • Kills from behind.
  • Longshots only (Pistols and Shotguns).

De plus, new theories have emerged about the potential for skill-based damage in MW2. It seems to me that it is not clear if it’s in FPS’s game.

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