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What is WoW Classic Hardcore and why is it so appealing?

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Let’s be honest. While it’s really fun, it’s not very challenging, at least not because of the default options that people could experience back then when WoW Classic was released or during the Season of Mastery. But, even if people do it, it’s not only harder, but fun and interesting, and the difference is with WoW Classic Hardcore Servers.

What is WoW Classic Hardcore?

The games are for the most passionate people. Their special hardcore rules are followed with a package.

There’s an important part to experience, the fact that a character is unique in all his creations. So once your character dies, you can delete it or wander the atral plains of the game as a ghost that can no longer respawn.

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While the official hardcore mode which helped the WoW Classic server population included this idea of the iron soul challenge, the addon has even more rules. One of those rules is not to interact with the auction house, not to trade or to receive emails from them.

They can use every profession to craft their gear. With all talents, you can’t become a warrior with your skills. Paladins are forbidden to use an ol bubble hearthstone combo, too.

Doing dungeons is as difficult as it can get.

What makes this challenge more unique is that you don’t have the right to ask other players to help you define content as you can, and you can only join people, by doing a dungeon.

While dungeons and raids are something that still makes WoW one of the best MMORPG games of all time, the trick is that one can do only dungeon and raid once a year, and you need one group that shares an dungeon lockout.

May Blizzard bring this hardcore version back to a Season of Mastery?

That would be quite cool, but there isn’t much information on it. We already mentioned that people might do some more conservative versions of this challenge during Season Of Mastery Season 1, but they can do many things that the WoW Classic Hardcore addon isn’t allowing.

Since Microsoft is going to re-invently signify Activision and WoW Classic Hardcore servers are very popular, we could give us a similar experience to Blizzard with support instead of having to create a similar experience with addons.

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