What kind of MMO does he expect to be your principal in 2023?


We arrived at 2023. Its a lot like 2022. It’s hard to remember that it was 2023. Now that the clock becomes in the sun, the key is time for you to ask for a question and ask it when the clock is rolling up tonight; which league do you anticipate to win your main game in 2023?

The reality is that it is a very simple question, of course, but the fun is that it really isn’t surprising for you. Maybe your main game won’t do anything you can no longer support. Maybe you’ll try something else and you’ll be really pleased to be treated like yesterday’s no-longer-beloved toy. Maybe there’s something for everyone who wants to learn and improve. You can’t know yet, but you’ve got to make it easy for some time. What MMO will you decide to play through 2023?

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