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What was the Siege of Mandalore in Ahsoka?

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In the second episode of Aysoka, a mysterious explorer, the titular ex-Jedi met in the most literal way possible in the face of the Clone Wars, and survived several of the most powerful battles of the Clone War, through the power of a mysterious World Between Worlds. One of the skirmishes that Ahsoka revisited was the Siege of Mandalore, a fierce engagement that doubled as the climax of almost every long-running plotline in War Against the Clone Wars. Here’s everything you need to know about the Siege of Mandalore.

Why Was the Siege of the Mandalore so important?

Image: LucasFilms

In many respects, the Siege of Mandalore is the event that Star Wars: The Clone Wars began to build a much-needed fortune. Mandalore is a new character of all Star Wars era. During the Clone Wars, civil war broke out between Mandalores’ new army, led by the long-time Duchess of Ochis, and an independent group of the unified, admonitional enlisting admonish men from the imperialist past.

While the Jedi and Satine successfully tried to gain control of Mandalor through Deathwatch, the situation made a big difference. Deathwatch allied with Darth Maul, an old apprentice of Palpatines. With Mauls help Deathwatch managed to take Sabine and victory over Mandalor. Unfortunately, Maul betrayed the Deathwatch a few times by assassinating Pre Vizsla, the Sabine and Deathwatchs leader, before securing a throne of Mandalore by himself.

After being insulted by Maul, sasbins sisters and ex-Deathwatch members Bo-Katan organized a resistance against Maul and his friends. Knowing that she was able to overthrow Maul herself, Bo-Katan met Ahoska, who had recently left the Jedi Order and asked her for help from the Jedi Council.

While Anakin is concerned with another campaign, she allows her to lead the 501st Clone Legion into battle against Maul, gifting her a few new lightsabers. Even though the bloody skirmish follows, Ahsoka engages Maul in a single duel, where the former Sith Lord tells the truth about Palpatine and his plans for Anakin and the Republic. Some moments later, Order 66 was issued, so what was a triumphant turning point in the Cloen Wars became a grim prelude to the emergence of the Galactic Empire.

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