Whatcha played for the third week of 2022: Destructoid?


Final Countdown.

Good day, good weekend, and welcome to Whatcha, which is still playing? In fact the final Whatcha Been playing of 2022 is, as we see today, another year will see shuffles off from door, shrugging its shoulders and blaming you. I am very grateful that you are present this weekend and hopefully you are resolving from the festive carnage of last week to begin a bigger wreak this evening.

I had a nice and quiet Christmas, as for me. I tried too much and re-examined Free-Teas and Gremlins. Now, as we said earlier, I had a Christmas with Ana de Armas and Phoebe Cates and no one can tell me it. The most chill day it’s been in a very long time. I hope you enjoy your holiday and have some peace. Heres hoping this weekend will be both rad for you and yours.

Winter Brainaches

Sadly, yer boy was very sick after the big day, so went to the top of the list on the 26, suffering from the bizarre insta-cold and a headache that poured into a bad migraine, that followed by a full-blown migraine: Thursday First I had a few months earlier, but health will do what health will do. As a result, I was accustomed to lots of playing this week. The fight I took Against the Chaos in a Street of Rage 4 with Destructoids’s Andriessen, which was very much fun and less stressful than the struggle we had with the obnoxiously unpredictable teams of Overwatch 2. Now there is a title that really really did happen.

It is a shame I couldn’t even make a big ol gaming marathon, but the thing is it frightened me. We’re always tomorrow. To be successful in life, it is not only Christmas and games.

Good New Year, friends!

Secondly, before going into the last day of 2022, I want you to get some final chance to tell me whatcha was playing? I don’t think that you want me to confirm this. But it’s been my pleasure to see you for another 52 weeks of Saturday morning get-togethers, and while I don’t want to get my job done yet, you find me here now. Of course, for the sake of Im on Destructoids deck.

We’re not perfect. We do the best we can to the best of you. We will continue, into 2023 and beyond.

Happy new year! Happy weekend!


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