WhatsApp: Can’t scan QR codes?


For use with WhatsApp, you must scan the QR code using your smartphone. This will link the WhatsApp account to your smartphone. To this day the QR code cannot be scanned. There are many issues that could give up. There’s a solution to the problem either way. I think other times I wouldn’t be able to use my account. Having said that, we’ll explain how you can solve the problem.

WhatsApp: Can’t Scan QR codes?

What’s the problem with the camera?

QR codes are black and white squares. If dust particles in the floor spread and disturb these squares, your smartphones can’t scan the QR code properly.

Thus, you can start troubleshooting by cleaning the computer screen to ensure that no large specks of dust are blocking the readability. Make sure your mouse cursor doesn’t scan the QR code you’re looking for.

You should also keep the camera lens clean, as a dusty lens would consider the particles part of the QR code and it would’ve not been possible to scan the code correctly.

If the sane thing is clear, then the problem may be another thing.

Look in WhatsApp if this is not the case.

If there’s anything to be done, WhatsApp will also not scan the QR code. This is because the account will not be synchronized.

You can get to this link to see if there’s something wrong with WhatsApp.

Make sure you’re reading and checking your internet connection.

When connecting to a new device, both the WhatsApp phone and WhatsApp Web require a mobile connection. If one of the devices isn’t connected or the connection isn’t working fine, you may be confronted by scanning.

Don’t panic with your internet and fix the problem.

Remove other accounts linked to WhatsApp.

You’ll probably encounter that problem if you have connected your WhatsApp account with other browsers and devices you own. By the way, unlinking all the devices that have already been connected to your WhatsApp can solve the problem.


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