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WhatsApp has significantly improved the quality of sent images. It isn’t necessary for Telegram anymore

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We’ve been waiting for it and I hope that this happens.

WhatsApp is the easiest way to send photos anywhere you are, but users have long heard that such photos lose a lot of quality and get less clear. You will find it interesting because the size, the resolution, and, above all, the quality of that process is falling.

Everything has changed with the latest update. WhatsApp finally allows you to send photos in HD resolution. This means that the processing that occurs when a photograph is sent through the application no longer suffers major degradation in quality.

According to WhatsApp, HD photo sharing option means that you can share photos up to 4096 x 2692 pixels. Even when you read the update, you can still send standard quality photos. On the other hand, processing will do anything that’s usually required to make 1600 x 1052 images, etc. Despite this, resolution is not the only value.

This was because WhatsApp couldn’t be so great about sharing pictures. A significant compression has occurred in standard definition, so it is much easier to make the image file larger. Even though WhatsApp doesn’t explicitly state how much compression is in the HD photo, it’s very low on the standard mode. This means that the size of the files is still smaller than the original size. WhatsApp also makes it easier for users to view and download sent photos.

Upon updating your computer, a new icon will appear in your photo of yours. Using this button you can find the difference between the two previous quality settings. No matter what color you prefer, the images will be end-to-end encrypted.

This update is now available to all users across the world. WhatsApp plans on using the HD video feature, too.

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Source: gizchina.

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