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WhatsApp lets you create groups whose names are unknown

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Whatsapp has added the ability to form anonym groups. In the announcement on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg walked the facebook page and Instagram channel. For instance, when creating a new group, the user should specify the name.

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Now users will be able to create a group even if they haven’t decided on a topic yet, and they may not do that quickly. This group doesn’t entail up to six participants, though there are up to 1024 users in a normal WhatsApp group. The company said that the groups are going to be dynamically named based on the users’ list of users.

Each member’s name will be displayed differently depending on the fact that they have kept contacts on their phone or not. Similarly, if you join an unnamed group with people who haven’t saved their contacts, your phone number will be visible in their group name. This is a new feature that is not likely to be targeted at all the friends and relatives who know each other.

Meta announced that new features will be available to all the users across the world within the next few weeks. WhatsApp has extended its last week to allow users to share the phone during their calls and record and share short video messages.

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