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When Shipyard’s resuscitation occurs: how to get the sword, how can it be used to that degree?

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Shipyard in Genshin impact 4 a one-handed sword intended for characters who need good health and play in team with healers. The passive ability teaches elemental skills and also restores elemental energy. Not every hero can successfully use the Shipyard, but many single-handed support will find this equipment useful.

We will show you how to get the Shipyard, which characters are best for which the sword is used and what materials are needed for elevation.

How to get the shipyard sword?

The signature weapon series of the Fontaines is now appearing on the weapons banner of patch 4.1. The line is completely broken by mechanics that depend on the granting or distribution of treatment. You can knock the sword out in a time-limited banner.

The shipyard has the armor that suits the sword.

Source: ambr.top.

Type: One-handed sword.


The first attack: 109-5 o’clock.

HP 15,9%-41,3% is a major drawback.

Recession: If an equipped character heals or receives treatment, he will be healed for 30 seconds. It takes up to 3 symbols per item. When an elemental skill or elemental explosion is activated, all Symbols are consumed for the entire course of the year. An Inspire effect is created: For each Symbol spent, elemental mastery increases by 40-80 ate and after 2 secs, each spent Symbol restores 2-3 ate. energy. The injection effect occurs once every 15 seconds and works, even though the equipped character hasn’t been in the battlefield.

The Shipyard Swords are urged to rise and awaken in order to show off the fire.

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To upgrade the shipyard, you need all the necessary money.

Precipitate/Pure Dewdrop Condensate/Pure Dewdrop Source/Pure Dewdrop Essence weapon elevation material from Fontaine, obtained from the special dungeon Echoes of Deep Tides in Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.Seneschals Old Pocket Watch/Seneschals Reward Seneschal Fatoui,Pearl of Distant Seas/Transoceanic Fragment/Heterochromic Crystal Drops from Fontmer Aliens.

To save up and save time, use a calculator.

To bring a weapon to level 5 (P5), you must buy 4 and build up your weapons to 15 000. You can knock out the copies of the same banner and then bring them into your primary weapon. After you wake up, it increases the impact of consumption on Character. The exact details can be seen in the photo below:

Source: peoplehin.honeyhunterworld.com.

Which shipyard sword is the best?

To fully understand the potential inherent in a weapon, he will be able to develop a character character from the start of his life. The damage from his actions must depend on his health. In addition, the owner must be able to restore his HP constantly, or get regular treatment from the team.

En outre, it is worth noting that shipyard is the second sword of this game with HP following Haj-nisut’s key. There are many swordsmen in the game, among whom a shield warrior can be found in a world and a healer is allowed to play according to the limited health reserve. For them you can ignore the passive Sailors Song and remove the rotation from treatment, while the blade will still be useful.

The sword is used as a ideal or uninteresting hero, given its unique character. The table explains which kind of shipyard its name calls for.

The HP stat will be useful for Kirara and Lyla to stand out for their shields. The passive skill, which is noticeable from a show a Sailors song, can be safely forgotten because of the lack of an alternative sword at HP%.

In addition, the Shipyard should not be given to Ayato the hero doesn’t need such a health-indicator, although his mechanics prescribe some bonuses to damage from this stats. The sword will be much more useful.

The shipyard sword is an electrical tool.

While a blade is pivoting, a healer is recommended in the team. For the purpose of maintaining that condition, a stack has to be acquired. They can accumulate up to three pieces and last 30 seconds. These are used by activating an elemental skill or an elemental explosion. Symbols give the character an increased dextit of 10 seconds. This gives advantage to elemental mastery, making the blade good choice for heroes who are playing elemental reactions.

A play with the Shipyard has one rotation:

Make sure that the sword owners skills aren’t on cooldown and the elemental burst is fully charged, as well as the supports abilities. Restore your health at any time with the Sailor’s song Symbols. If the man is not able to heal himself, he could save 3 stacks. Since you have received all of the symbols, you’ve got to activate the buffs of your allies for strengthening the squad. Go to the villain and use one’s ability or ultimate. The Inspire effect is going to look for 10 seconds. This will provide extra elemental mastery and restore energy. Fix damage until the buffs run out and then repeat the rotation.

We hope that our article helped you to find out how to buy a “Switch of the Shipyard”, to use, or to give the genshin Impact on the shipyard, and how to use them. Read other gun guidebooks on the website Genshin Impact.

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