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While Starfield’s Chart-Topping PS5 was September Games Best Selling Console, it stood behind

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Circana has revealed that PS5 was the most successful console in America for September 2023 despite Starfields release. The Bethesda video game, which was released on Xbox and PC simultaneously.

Starfield didn’t have the capability to get Xbox ahead of PS5.

Starfield, the subject of heated debate in recent months from regulators to Microsoft over its purchase for Activision Blizzard. The Bethesda game was often brought up due to its console exclusivity after Microsoft re-acquiring it (which originally came into production for PS5), or the fact that they were not susceptible on board over rivalship during this acquisition of Activision Blizzarde.

Even though Starfield became the seventh best-selling game of 2023 in U.S, it failed to make Xbox more expensive than the PS5. In fact, Circanas Mat Pişcatella revealed that besides games pass subscription-only Starfield sold more copies on PC than Xbox.

Starfield is the highest-selling game of September, becoming the 7th year ever by all. Starfield ranked top-selling title of the month at Xbox and PC, with PC being its best selling platform.

Mat Piscatella (@MatPiscatelli) October 18, 2023

PS5 still remained the best-selling hardware platform in unit and dollar sales during September 2023, with Xbox series ranking on both measures.

Mat Piscatella (@Piscata) October 18, 2023.

PS5 continues to lead the USA economy as well in sizing and dollar sales. Circana has further revealed that the Marvels Spider-Man 2 PS5 DualSense controller was in September 2023 for optimum price.

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