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Whoever’s in Paris, who would you like for less than 500 cents?

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If you want to invest in an electric scooter capable of carrying out your daily journeys, one of these two models could make you laugh. Between Ninebots expertise and Xiaomi’s value for money, what should you choose? We’ll get this comparison in question.

Ninebot Kickscooter F2E VS Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 // Source : frandroid.com

After the Parisians vote last April, self-service electric scooters are leaving the streets. It is therefore not possible to rent a two-wheeler from Lime, Dott or other companies, but nothing prevents you from taking your personal scooter to visit the capital. If you don’t have that article, the best way to do it is to make it your choice. There are many references that the market has to offer, so turn to one of the two models described in this article looks quite good. The Ninebot Kickscooter F2E and the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 are a simple and pleasant scooter that you can use daily. However, which of these two should you choose? Our results will reveal each of the difference in your choice between the two products.

Electric scooters for sale:

7 /10

These machines look good.

The Ninebot Kickscooter F2E has nothing to envy the Xiaomi Electric 4 and vice versa. The two electric scooters have a really elegant look and a very elegant design, where the cable is slick. We even find orange tones on Ninebot-Segway and red, on the other model. Another advantage is having their folding system easier to transport, the one designed by Xiaomi is lighter, at 15,2 kg, and weighs 17,5 kg. The Kickscooter isn’t one of its lightest, he can be transported quite easily to the home or office, but avoid carrying it during long trips.

Both models are solid and robust, while the Xiaomi one is capable of supporting loads of 110 and 120. You can ride in the rain no matter how hard you are. It seems to me that the two devices were not very strong in the test, and proved to be extremely stable, uplifting.

The speed and safety of the driver.

On the road to comfort, we all want the Electric Scooter 4 to get its 8 inch tires, on the new model, and give 10 inch air tires. This change puts it on a hill at more convenient, it handles a little holes or a bit of a break; then, once again, you’ll feel the jolts. The Kickcooter F2E also has 10-inch tires, but you will feel like you’re on the right track without shock absorbers. That road must be avoided. The deck is also important in the comfort. Both manufacturers wanted to offer a surface that was large enough to allow the user to place their feet in parallel.

In the power side, the Ninebot scooter has a motor of 400 watts and more — maximum of 800 watts. Of course, you can’t go over 25 km/h, but the acceleration is very fast and the scooter is very responsive. It’s not afraid of hills, or at least its ability to climb to 18%. The Xiaomi scooter incorporates a slower 300-W motor with a maximum power of 600-W. This speed still is very good, with a high speed of 25 km/h. According to the brand, the machine can climb slopes of 16%, but in the ground as soon as you can climb a small slope, speed drops to 20 km/h, or even lower. Its rival often drives a constant speed of 25 km/h, even on very steep hills. A thing to note is that the braking isn’t good for the Electric Scooter 4. Your plan, so you are prepared to keep in mind, and you will have to ride quietly.


On each of them, we have a choice to three available driving modes: eco, standard and sport, which is accessible via the LCD screen on the handlebars and can be changed even after the course of a race. You can check both speed and drive. The Ninebot color screen is visible. Nevertheless, it is impossible to read in the wide daylight, exactly how Xiaomi is. A slight advantage for the Kickscooter F2E: it displays also a direction indicator. It is equipped with indicators and the controls are located on the handlebars. They activate well, and are extremely practical for daily use. This is an unknown function for the Electric Scooter 4.

The Xiaomi – Home – is very nice with its settings and additional information offered, but it doesn’t have any geolocation system or GPS. At Segway, the application works really well, but the smartphone screen doesn’t stand on in the dashboard mode, and the part of the journey needs to be improved with a little more than one thing. These flaws remain minor. Ninebot makes up for it with the integration of Find My by Apple. So, people with an Apple device can remotely save their scooters. It is even possible to make a sound to find it easier.

More generous autonomy on the Ninebot, but more generously.

So this kind of product does not always get an autonomy-point, so, for good reason: Ninebot can provide an extended range of 40 km on its machine while, in our case, we can reach around 25 km. The figure announced by the brand was obtained in special conditions, including 75 kilograms, under 25 degrees Celsius average, and averaging 16 km/h. To be more precise, we were able to cover 27 km before the battery ran out using full throttle and the sport mode, which is the most dynamic. No matter how fast you are driving, your autonomy will change. This is, for example, the average to last for the week. The charger will be fine if it’s compact and easy to transport. Experiencing the battery for more than 6 hours.

Take the Xiaomi-like side, the manufacturer promises a speedier range, less than Ninebot’s competitor. It’s possible to see these distances on flat lands by fifteen km/h, and at an estimated load of 70 kg. This data surprised us a bit as many times during the test, since the 30 km of the Electric Scooter, the third car, has an identical battery. Since in reality, the Electric Scooter 4 lasts 20 km longer than the shortest possible distance and drives by a few more kilometers with more flat terrain and is more agile. It is thus 5 – 7 km less than the Segway F2, which is one of the main highways, but everything depend on your time. Recharging is still faster, since it’s only a few hours for you to recharge.

Ninebot or Xiaomi? We make a report.

After you had detailed the properties and the defects of two electric wheels, it’s time to put the rest of your mind up.

Xiaomi wins because of its lightness and compactness. With the Scooter 4 you’ll get cheaper. The stairwell or the public transport, the more you can take it with you. The engine is certainly ineffective, so it gets to the maximum speed. If there are too many hills on your route, that’s perfectly an ideal. It’s clearer: in terms of autonomy, it covers fewer KM than its rival – between twenty and 25 km. It can handle your daily journeys very well, especially if it is a less time to recharge.

Where can I buy. Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 at the best price?

When you buy the KickScooter F2E, a powerful scooter gives its user thrilling thrills on acceleration and pick-up. It’s also safe, comfy and easy to handle even in the rain. At the hamlet level Ninebot has fitted the scooter with turn signals. The manufacturers are on the right track, and offer the Find My application from Apple, an unbelievable advantage to everyone with Apple devices. With respect to autonomy, the company gave us the maximum motor capacity, which is comfortable in urban environments. On the other hand, charging is very slow, but 6 hours is higher than 4 in the Scooter.

This is our recommendation.

If the scooter from the Xiaomi or the Ninebot brand hasn’t convinced you, there are a few other models that can interest you. To discover them, we invite you to consult our guide now to compare the best electric scooters in 2023.

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