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Why do you have to take care of eat Pokemon – Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask DLC

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When playing Scarlet and Violets The Teal Mask there is much entertainment, but it’s good. If you didn’t do one of the side quests and you could collect all of the Pokemon, you still have plenty to do, but you still have plenty to make. Here is everything you can and should do with The Teal Mask.

Get the Toxic Chain Trio in The Teal Mask.

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First in Teal Mask, everyone must make it immediately to catch the Toxic Chain trio. The trio comprises Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti. You’re fighting them in the main story, but you’ll be able to catch them after losing Carmine for the last time. You will find all three of them in their original place where you fought them.

Arcade the sands of an urasalone to try and beat the sand.

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By skillfully, you can get Bloodmoon Ursaluna before beating The Teal Mask, but there’s a challenge without Pokemon Home. You must catch and register at least 150 Pokemon in Kitakami Pokedex. This is difficult feat, which requires you to investigate every area for Pokemon and get some things to do by some strange means.

Lock up the glare of charm.

The Happiness Of The World is the ultimate reward for the complete kitakami pokedex. You can use these 200 Pokemon for The Teal Mask and it’s yours. Call Jacq and earn more Shards in every raid you do.

To get a free.

Apparently, all in this movie is able to get a free shiny Pokemon, but the game doesn’t tell you the whole thing. You can get it before you beat the DLC, but it’s another challenge. Head to the Kitakami Hall and beat the Ogre Oustin Minigames Hard Mode. I recommend doing that in multiplayer so that you have a nice Munchlax.

Shiny Hunt New Pokemon!

Speaking of shinies, there are several new Pokemon that you might find in the Kitakami area. Only a few of them can be shiny as poltchageist or dipplin, but there is a good chance that they won’t be the only ones you want to try them.

Unlock new clothes and accessories at Jinbei.

You might have noticed that the outfit that you get in Kitakami gets green under it. The reason is because there are more varieties. You can get blue and gray variants by speaking with the Carmines grandma in Mossui after beating the DLC. You also can give to the caretaker at Kitakami Hall to get the flashy Jinbei.

Find Billy and ONare.

Some of the NPCs of Mossui’s cities mentioned Billy and ONare are wealthy characters. You can find them and complete their side quests to get some powerful rewards.

Eliminate the deeds of the Ogre Clan.

A handful of NPCs are fighting in the Kitakami region. Though he beat the story, many more appear in the form of an Ogre Clan trainer. They can have very powerful Pokemon, they can gain considerable experience with defeats, and quite a bit of money in order to do something extra work.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violets first DLC, Teal Mask, available on Nintendo Switch. Indigo Disk will release in Winter 2023.

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