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Why does Starfield not run well on a PC? Todd Howard says you should upgrade your hardware

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There have been many good talks about Starfield yet there is no doubt that the version PC of the game’s performance is quite heavy even for high-end configurations, which require full-time performance.

Whenever a failure occurs, the result isn’t Bethesdas, said Todd Howard in an interview with Bloomberg. Maybe you need to build up your hardware, because there is nothing wrong with the optimization.

In a possible position to reach over one million players on the Xbox One Series already, this means that players are able to join the game for over one million concurrent players.

The words of Todd Howard

Why didn’t you improve this game for PC? We were doing that, explained Howard. It’s a new-gen PC game that uses greatits, the technology has been limited, so you may need to improve your setup for this title, but that may offer a lot of newbies, and fans respond enthusiastically.

Could it be why the free mod is now available in Starfield?

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