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Why was it possible that Tesla could have difficulty selling its Model 3 model?

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Without releasing a word, the new generation Tesla Model 3 would already pose a problem for the maker. While at first glance unlikely, this might be the real reality for the coming months, but only in regions in the region.

We almost only talk about her, because he fascinates the crowd. The new generation, The Model 3 is arriving in Europe and China with its share of new features. But the historical market of Teslas, the United States, isn’t running on the electric sedan. How will the company continue selling it to Uncle Sam’s countries based on old Tesla Model 3s?

There’s a temporary, but rather a temporary problem.

The Tesla Model 3 was produced in the Shanghai Gigafactory in China for a couple of years now. For the local market, on the other hand, and for export to Europe and Asia, not all of the vehicles leaving the factory are made to the US.

According to the configurator currently on the Tesla website, three-wheeled vehicles are still older generation vehicles. If that wasn’t true until last week, let’s ask if many Americans want to order an electric sedan from Elon Musks firm when they see an improved version in Europe and Asia.

The online configurator for the Model 3 in France and the US // Source: Tesla.

The online configurator for the Model 3 in France and USA // Source: Tesla.

That update will arrive in the United States, but it’s not yet available. Unless Tesla plans to sell the American Model 3s and its future production, we have to find a new way of estimating the price of the order book.

The same thing could happen on the planet with the Tesla Model Y, as we are expecting a restyled version in the coming months. If for the Tesla, which is still subject to the pressure from the stock market and the quarterly financial results, it may be that the end of the year doesn’t only lead to good surprises for the Model 3. While the country is likely to hit by 2024 in Europe and Asia, this will be compared to North America’s sales figures, which will unlikely reach records.

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