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Will Chris Hemsworth Come Back as Thor?

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The actor famed for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Chris Hemsworth, is unsure of his role as the God of Thunder. Hemsworth’s involvement in upcoming Thor movies or other projects is still unknown as the MCU moves into its Multiverse Saga and concentrates on a new generation of Avengers. Thor is one of the few original Avengers remaining in action, whilst figures like Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have handed the baton to younger heroes. Thor: Love and Thunder, in which Hemsworth just featured, ended with a text screen announcing Thor’s comeback.

However, Hemsworth’s continued participation in the MCU has drawn criticism following a recent interview with Total Film Magazine. Hemsworth mentioned his intention to use that style in a Marvel movie if he were to do another one while talking about his work on Extraction 2 and the physically taxing feats required. His remarks raise questions about his probable comeback even though they don’t provide a conclusive answer concerning his future as Thor. This ambiguity begs the issue of whether or when Hemsworth will reprise the part. Thor: Love and Thunder was a box office hit despite receiving mixed reviews, opening the way for more Asgardian adventures. Even the idea of a Hercules-focused fifth Thor movie was suggested in the movie’s post-credits scene.

Hemsworth’s comments imply that there could not be a contract in place between the actor and Marvel Studios right now. Although Hemsworth appeared in the fourth Thor movie, Marvel has moved away from the lengthy multi-picture contracts of its early days, so it’s probable that Hemsworth is not under contract for any appearances. It’s also crucial to take into account the possibility that Hemsworth may take on fewer projects as a result of an increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This, naturally, will have an impact on his future choices regarding the Thor character.

Rather than participating in Thor 5, it appears that Hemsworth may wrap out his run as Thor in one of the forthcoming Avengers films in Phase 6. Everything is still hypothetical, though, unless Marvel Studios or Hemsworth himself reveal further details. Even if there isn’t a direct sequel in Thor 5, Hemsworth should be able to find a satisfying way to end his run as Thor.

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